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Need to talk? Is your child finding it difficult to fit in at school? Are they feeling overwhelmed? Is he or she being bullied? Have you considered Art Therapy, a wonderful gentle way of finding the root of the problem and finding a solution in a relaxed and stress free environment. For an appointment please call Caryn@ 0741189184

Is your child suffering from Burnout?

Burnout: A state of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and long term stress. Feelings of being overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands. As the stress continues you lose interest and motivation in the tasks at hand.

In today’s fast paced world an enormous burden of expectation is placed on our children. Us as parents are doing what we feel is best for our kids, we are giving them every opportunity available so we enrol them in as many different sports as we can, as many afterschool activities as we can and as many out of school activities as we can. The only thing that stops us is time clashes. If we can fit it in Johnny can do it.

Our children are overbooked and doing too much. They have been robbed of just being children. Learning to amuse themselves, having the time to visit a friend and not compete with a friend, having the time to swim and not take part in a gala, having the time to read, watch a movie or just being with their family. Instead we are rushing from one engagement to another.

When does it become too much, and what are the signs?

When your children become irritable and restless, combative/ aggressive, when they seem dejected and start getting headaches and tummy aches, when they withdraw and lose their appetite, when they start refusing to practice or become unrealistically anxious before an exam or a big game.

When every day is a bad day, when caring about anything is a waste of time, when they are constantly exhausted and nothing is appreciated. These are all signs of burnout.

Think of yourself as the parent; are you feeling harassed by all the scheduling. Is homework squeezed in between gymnastics and swimming while sitting in the car? Does your child have time to sit at home and have nothing to do or is everything scheduled.

What is the difference between stress and burnout?

Stress is drowning in responsibility, having too many demands placed on you, too many pressures.

Burnout is a feeling of emptiness, of having nothing left to give and being beyond caring.

Parents must be aware that when we overburden our children and they suffer from anxiety or stress because of it we are creating changes in the neural pathways of the brain, it will create long term changes in the body that can lead to a depleted immune system and make the child vulnerable to illnesses such as colds and flu.

How do we prevent burnout?

Talk to your children. Ask them how they are doing, are there things that they feel they may be missing out on. More time at home, spontaneous play dates, alone time, sleeping late etc.

If your child wants to quit a particular sport, cultural activity or musical instrument, ask why? And then listen to the answer.

What makes your child a burnout candidate?

Genetics, (have you or your husband had the feelings described above) congenital factors, family and school stress, poor eating habits, birth trauma, medications and vaccines, pre natal care and the mothers state of mind are all contributing factors.

How to prevent burnout; reassess your priorities, make time for yourself, get support and go for BodyTalk. In a BodyTalk session we can address all the underlying causes, be it emotional, physically or spiritual. Burnout is often a sign that the individual is affected on all levels. If it has a genetic cause we can address it, if it is a congenital cause/ vaccine/ infection/ birth trauma we have the tools to repair it.

The body wants to work on a healthy and optimal level; Body Talk will return the body to its fully functional state in a gentle way with long lasting solutions and effects.

How do we treat burnout?

  • RECOGNISE........the signs and symptoms
  • REVERSE..........stop the behaviours
  • RESILLIANCE......take care of yourself with regular body talk appointments, eat well, exercise and make time for yourself.

We are not machines; we are humans with limitations as to how much we can manage at any given time. There is a reason children come little so that they can experience life in smaller doses. They are not here to live out our dreams as parents but their own dreams as individuals.

Of course as parents we want them to have more opportunities than we did and perhaps experience a fuller and more rounded life than we did but we must also listen to our inner voice and acknowledge when enough is in fact enough.

Testimonial: My son Jack is a natural over achiever, always up for a challenge, always enthusiastic and very driven. For us it was not so much forcing him into doing different sports and cultural activities, but rather him requesting to be able to participate. So we were doing, soccer, hockey, horse riding, 3 musical instruments, drama, pottery classes and school band. I was exhausted! Lunch was a quick bite in the car and dinner was a 15 minute respite until we had to leave for band practice or drama class and when eisteddfod started, well that was hell.

I noticed at first that Jack was becoming very withdrawn and he started sleeping a lot. Because I believe in natural healing I took him to a BodyTalk practitioner because I thought he was coming down with something. During the session as the therapist spoke and links were created it suddenly dawned on me what we were dealing with and when she said the words adrenal fatigue and burnout I had that aha moment.

Jack and I sat down afterwards and looked at his schedule. We have stuck with the things that he really enjoys, freeing up time for family, friends and doing nothing. He is a far happier child and I am a far happier mum. - Lynn

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