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Art Therapy, Psychotherapy, BodyTalk

Soul Therapy

Need to talk? Is your child finding it difficult to fit in at school? Are they feeling overwhelmed? Is he or she being bullied? Have you considered Art Therapy, a wonderful gentle way of finding the root of the problem and finding a solution in a relaxed and stress free environment. For an appointment please call Caryn@ 0741189184

Kinesiology for Weight loss ......................The HCG diet

Weight loss, the natural way!

The Kinesiology HCG weight loss programme was designed by a well known South African doctor based in Cape Town, South Arica.

It uses the technique of muscle testing to read the body and enables the practitioner to design a unique weight loss programme, specific to the needs of the individual who is looking for a natural boost to their weight loss plan. The Kinesiology Balance Range is a vibrational range of weight loss products, also formulated using kinesiology to pin-point the most effective ingredients that work on the physical level. The vibrational component of the Kinesio Balance range works on the emotional, mental, spiritual and causal levels to improve inner well being while on the diet.

Hundreds of people in South Africa and the UK have experienced successful weight loss results which include the scientific benefits of HCG without the fuss of painful injections or weekly doctor’s appointments, in a non-invasive vibrational form.

The programme includes the Kinesio Balance Diet Range of products. The HCG diet and recipe book, consultations with the practitioner and assistance with:

Balancing limiting belief systems around weight loss.

Testing the metabolic rate to determine how quickly or slowly they will lose weight

Pin pointing subclinical symptoms which prevent weight loss

Why an individual weight loss has stalled.

Which foods a person is sensitive to and which in turn result in the person being overweight

Oversee the resetting of the metabolism effectively so that the weight loss is permanent

Caryn Childs
HDE (Art) Certified in Psychotherapy; Art Therapy and BodyTalk

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